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Delhi NCR Chapter

The chapter is led by Chapter Chair Sanjiv Sachar and General Manager Natasha Lord. They work with partners to support Investees, build capacity and create connections for lasting change.




NGOs currently

At Our Chapter

The chapter has proved its success as an incubator of model ideas, helping Investees scale from small, single location non-profits to large, venture-funded, pan India social enterprises. Delhi NCR encourages new initiatives by supporting non-profits to create a demonstrable model, as well as with organizational capacity development and networking support for organisations with a nascent proof of concept.

In 2020, the chapter organised a CSR round table, bringing together Foundation and CSR heads of large Indian and multinational companies in the Delhi NCR region. The purpose was to explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration between organisations, to reduce duplication of effort, create a pool of credible non-profits and multiply the impact of funding.

Chapter Partners

Delhi NCR NGO Investees

SVP funds grassroot level, implementing NGOs and provides them monitoring support through our partner network.

Latest Happenings

Celebrating Our Partners on The Panel of Charcha 2022: Charcha 2022 was an excellent opportunity for our investees and other social entrepreneurs to connect, network, and foster convergence and collaboration with other thought leaders in the domain.

SVP Delhi NCR Chapter has doubled in size over the last year! We asked our range of partners, from newbies to veterans in the philanthropic space, what they’d like to learn about. The result was a packed room and lively discussions, facilitated by Deval Sanghavi, co-founder of Dasra. 

Our Lead Partners have begun working with Saajha as Advisors on their Tech Steering Committee to understand the ground operations with Saajhedars and to see how we can build capacity and create connections that enable expansion. 

The SVP Delhi NCR NGO outreach program entailed four sessions with the introductions of 12 new NGOs. 11 Partners volunteered as Champions, and Partners voted the NGO Outreach sessions as their favorite meetings!

New faces, fresh ideas, and renewed enthusiasm as Delhi NCR partners met to explore a suite of possibilities and brainstorm on the chapter’s vision. 

SVP India’s Delhi NCR Chapter reached out to nonprofits in and around their region, looking for that unique combination of SVP’s #engagedphilanthropy – funding and non-financial assistance to strengthen and grow organizations.


06:00 PM-
07:15 PM
Learning Session #5: Unheard Voices from the Kashmir Valley
05:30 PM-
07:00 PM
Hybrid Mumbai Partner Meet – Sep 6
Pathways Conversation – SVP Ahmedabad


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