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Kolkata Chapter

The Kolkata chapter is led by Chapter Chair Sunil Bhandari and General Manager Snigdha Shah. We have an incredible network of young volunteers and interns along with an expert partner network to provide extensive support and guidance to our NGOs.




NGOs currently

At Our Chapter

Kolkata runs a program called Youth for Philanthropy which is designed to educate and empower youth to become our country’s next generation of philanthropists – those who give time, talent and treasure for the common good. This experiential leadership program attracts members of the community who are professionals or business leaders between the ages of 22 and 35 years, to become youth mentors. Each youth mentor supervises a group of seven or eight students from local colleges, who wish to do community service as interns for three months. These interns are assigned to NGOs and work in diverse areas like data management, social media and fundraising, and the youth mentor spends a few hours every month guiding the interns.

So far the program has been very successful with 21 interns and 5 youth mentors working across 6 NGOs in the first cohort of YFP and 48 interns and 6 youth mentors working across 9 NGOs in the second cohort.

Chapter Partners

Kolkata NGO Investees

SVP funds grassroot level, implementing NGOs and provides them monitoring support through our partner network.
SVP Investees
SVP Investees

Latest Happenings

SVP Kolkata organized a one-of-its-kind fundraiser to support Future Hope to enable them to support the street and slum children of Kolkata. A whopping Rs. 1 Crore plus was raised through this, where the significant donors were SVP Kolkata partners themselves and their invitees.

Visit To Sunderbans: The SVP Kolkata team spent an entire day with three partners visiting a prospective NGO investee, Swapnopuron Welfare Society in Sunderbans.

We welcomed Poornima Adim as the Program Manager at SVP India’s Kolkata Chapter! Poornima Adim is a mental health social worker from TISS Mumbai and a Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) Practitioner. 

Our Kolkata chapter works with Future Hope to provide capacity-building help for fundraising, career counseling, and inputs for coaching. The partners frequently engage with Future Hope as it’s always amazing to see what all the school is doing and to spend time with the children there. 

Team SVP India wishes Snigdha Shah many milestones and growth opportunities as she transitions into her new role as the CEO of SVP India’s Kolkata Chapter. 

SVP India Kolkata chapter celebrated its 4th anniversary over an impactful evening! Partners, NGO investees, Youth Mentors, and special guests were present at the event. We also felicitated Alina Alam from MITTI Cafe and Payal Nath Kadam haat from Kadam Haat on winning the #NitiAayogWTIaward.


06:00 PM-
07:15 PM
Learning Session #5: Unheard Voices from the Kashmir Valley
05:30 PM-
07:00 PM
Hybrid Mumbai Partner Meet – Sep 6
Pathways Conversation – SVP Ahmedabad


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