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Bengaluru Chapter

“The Bengaluru chapter is led by Chapter Chair Chakra Matena and CEO Subashree Krishnan. Our partners are passionate, enterprising, thought leaders who provide committed and wide-ranging support to our NGOs”.




NGOs currently

At Our Chapter

SVP Bangalore truly embraces the idea of ‘venture’ and co-creates and funds many innovative first-time programs with NGOs from across Bangalore and Karnataka. Our pursuit of audacious goals has enabled us to rapidly scale social innovations that create a lasting sustainable impact. We do this with our partners and we also work closely with CSR leadership across Bangalore city.  Together, we are able to ideate, implement and closely track impact intended for the communities we serve, while engaging the corporate sector in a meaningful and impactful way.  

Chapter Partners

Bengaluru NGO Investees

SVP funds grassroot level, implementing NGOs and provides them monitoring support through our partner network.

Corporate Partners

Currently Bengaluru Chapter does not offer
the Corporate Partnership program

Latest Happenings

SVP Bengaluru piloted and donated a unique ECart to make it easy for the market’s Pourakarmikas (street sweepers) to collect waste. The ECart model will now be implemented across Bangalore and India towards the Swaccha Bharat mission.

Make A Difference (MAD): builds a community-powered social-protection system that provides a holistic, high touch, long-term support system for Children in Need of Care & Protection. Our partners – Abubaker Koya, Sandhya Vasudevan, TV Srinivasan, Subashree, and Megha- visited to interact with the very motivated MAD team and understand their work.

SVP India’s Chairs, Management Team, and Bengaluru partners came together to learn, share, and find meaningful collaborations. It was indeed a beautiful get together!

Vihaan says that their ‘partnership with SVP India to assist in the training and placement of survivors of human trafficking has given survivors renewed hope for a new beginning and a more secure future.

SVP Bangalore partners attended the Annual Plant Fair Inaugural of the Association of People with Disability (APD) held on their grounds. APD is a Bangalore investee and partners have helped nurture entrepreneurial aspirations of many persons with disability. Mainly, three verticals have been the focus of our intervention with them – horticulture project, entrepreneurship project and Lantana product making cross training. We are proud to see them grow and enhance in capability.


06:00 PM-
07:15 PM
Learning Session #5: Unheard Voices from the Kashmir Valley
05:30 PM-
07:00 PM
Hybrid Mumbai Partner Meet – Sep 6
Pathways Conversation – SVP Ahmedabad


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