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Yogesh Agarwal


Yogesh is the co-founder of Daffodil Software & Unthinkable Solutions. Daffodil builds Mobile apps and Web solution on Cloud and is known for adopting latest technology early and for creating cutting edge solution for dynamic and emerging brands. At heart, he is an innovator and technologist and is passionate to find simple and innovative solution to large and complex problems. His love for software development began very early and he started coding at the age of 16.

One of Yogesh’s recent patented inventions is an innovative design of traffic flow that he believes has the potential of reducing traffic congestion and jams by as much as 80% and can also significantly reduce city pollution which is caused by vehicle on roads.

Yogesh is passionate about fair treatment of animals and have designed and shared an framework with Animal welfare board of India (AWBI). The draft of proposal was greatly appreciated by AWBI and is currently under consideration to be implemented as law.

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