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Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd (CESC)

Corporate Partner


CESC is India’s first fully integrated electrical utility company ever since 1899, generating and distributing power in Kolkata and Howrah. They have private participation in generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power. They are the sole distributor of electricity within an area of 567sq km of Kolkata, Howrah and adjoining areas and serve 3.4 million consumers which include domestic, industrial, and commercial users. Under their CSR wing CESC upholds brand equity, builds trust and harmonize our relationship with the communities by listening to their voices, responding to their needs and actively participating through engagements that are designed to facilitate the provision of these needs. The interventions of CESC encompass education and child protection, skill development, health and environment. With Education vertical, they support two projects- Hamari Awaaz Project, they have created community safety nets for identifying vulnerable children and building resilience among them against exploitation of child rights. And Roshni Project focuses on ensuring opportunities for children to access their educational, health and nutritional entitlements at different stages of development, in order to attain a sustainable adulthood. Similarly, in Health vertical, they work in improving maternal and child health status. For skill development program, they believe that empowerment of the marginalized youth will unlock economic growth potential within a nation. They also work with water sanitation and Environment sustainability. We welcome them onboard with SVP Kolkata.

Represented by -

Dr. Neepa Saha Sharmaa, Subir Verma