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Vinita Siddhartha


Vinita has a degree in Journalism and Communication from the University of Texas at Austin. She ran a content development and communications firm for a decade, post that she
started consulting in communications and marketing with numerous international and local NGOs.
She is the founder of an organisation callled Kreeda tha works towards reviving traditional games of India. She is also the Director at Power Centre Pvt. Ltd. an IT firm which she runs with her husband and looks after HR. She has worked with Care India, Save the Children, the Richard Gere Foundation and PSI across issues such as HIV/AIDS, a Tobacco Quitline, Women’s Empowerment, Domestic Child Labour and Trafficking, mentoring and education of underprivileged children, children with special needs, craft preservation and revival, etc. She
initiated and runs an NGO that supports over 1000 children with HIV for counselling and higher education.
She enjoys reading and writing and has a blog,.She enjoys travel and getting to meet and talk to new people and learn about their worlds and their lives.

August 2023

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