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Vimal Ambani


About the partner

Vimal Ambani, based in Ahmedabad, India, is the CEO at Tower Overseas Ltd, specializing in solvent and UV inks for the signage industry. Vimal has had a varied experience in the manufacturing and services industry with bottom line responsibility, having run the textile division of Reliance Industries Ltd and aluminum alloying to LME specifications.

Vimal also has a rich experience in software services as the CEO of InterRide Inc, USA, and international trade finance, as a Board Member of FIM Bank, Malta. Vimal serves as an Independent Director on several listed companies in India and is a Trustee of Sishumangal Trust, Junagadh, which takes care of society’s needy, often orphaned children. Vimal has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (VLSI Design & Fabrication) from the Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a Masters in Business Administration (International Business) from the University of Southern California, LA.

My Journey at SVP

Partner since 2018

I joined as the Founding Member of SVP Ahmedabad in Sep 2018. I thank Gaurav Nanavaty, the Founding Chairman, for roping me into this network. My experience at SVP has been inspiring, eye-opening, and humbling, to say the least, especially after seeing dedicated persons go through unimaginable hardships to not only help themselves but to lift the community around them – they are the true, often unsung stars & heroes of SVP.

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