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T V Srinivasan

Lead Partner

About the partner

T V Srinivasan is a Lead Partner at SVP India. TV is an active Rotarian and is an Independent Executive Coach. In his professional career TV worked for 30+ years for DuPont. Most of his career was spent in the Asia Pacific region and the family lived in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei from 1981 till 2008. He managed different businesses serving the electronics industry initially at the regional level and later at a global level including CEO of a Global Joint venture between DuPont and Hitachi Chemical.
Prior to DuPont he was involved in an early start up in the IT field which brought him to Bangalore from Delhi where he grew up and went to school and worked on his first job in the semiconductor industry.
He is an engineering graduate of BITS Pilani.
TV is a signatory to Living My Promise and has pledged to donate 50% or more of the family’s wealth to charity.
TV’s purpose in life today is to use his Time, Talent and Treasure to help others to achieve their maximum potential. Currently TV’s family supports about 10 NGOs mostly in education and health directly and have been supporting most of them for the last 10+ years.TV and Sujata have a daughter Devyani who consults in the area of Monitoring and Evaluation of social enterprises.

My Journey at SVP


Associating with SVP as a partner should enable me to do a better job of channelling my Time, Talent and Treasure in my philanthropic activities.
I believe I will be able to learn how to channel my giving to have a greater impact on society. I hope to learn, by being more engaged, about various aspects of growing a social enterprise. The opportunity to network with like minded individuals is an added attraction.

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