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Surbhi Mehtani

Surbhi Mehtani is one of the directors at the ADM Group, India. As a supplier to OEMs across the world, the ADM Group provides dynamic and sustainable solutions to the global Automotive industry. In her role at the ADM Group, Surbhi spearheads IT, CSR, and sustainability segments for the company. Her guidance in ground-level concerns is one of ADM’s valued assets. Besides these, the ADM Foundation, too, highly regards her welfare initiatives. She has been a proud Partner at SVP for the last four years with her role entailing interactions with members for various projects. In addition to that, she also deals with multiple sections of the company — from giving solutions on technical problems to dealing with the actual needs of the people, Surbhi’s contribution is unparalleled. Over the years, her bond with members and the association has become a cherished one for both Surbhi and SVP!

SVP Partner since 2019

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