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Sunil Bhandari

Partner, Chapter Chair, Lead Partner


About the partner

Sunil is a Chartered Accountant working as Executive Director, Corporate at RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group and his wife Tanuja is also an active SVP Participant. Their son Devang is a professional photographer. Sunil is a poet with two published books and a successful podcast called Uncut Poetry.

My Journey at SVP

“I joined SVP in November 2019. I felt that any philanthropic journey needs to go beyond giving money, so that I can contribute firsthand to the change I would like to see. Towards that end, all the years of my corporate experience have been brought to the fore, while interacting with the NGOs we support – be it in supporting them on their financials, or their communication strategy, or their strategic issues, or helping them navigate the legal landscape. It is humbling to see how small inputs have such a big impact and we can see change happening in front of our eyes. I really think SVP is a perfect forum for anybody who wants to have a hands-on approach to philanthropy.”

Start your SVP journey today

Start your SVP journey today