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Snigdha Aggarwal Shah


About the partner

Snigdha began her corporate career in finance with Zensar. She handled investor relations and worked on three major merger and acquisition deals for the company. Broadening her functional experience, she switched to Dell-Perot, managing skill development and vocational training initiatives with the National Skill Development Corporation.
After marriage, she moved to Kolkata as the Regional Manager of Laurus Edutech. At Laurus, she led several skill development projects, coordinating with government and Public-Private Partnerships. She was the Global Content Manager for Ivyclique, instrumental in writing, curating and managing a team of content writers.
Snigdha holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance from the Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development. She is a member of the CSR Committee of the BCCI (Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in India and served as Chairperson of the Ladies Forum of MCCI (Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for 19-21. She was nominated for the YFLO Kolkata (Young FICCI Ladies Organisation) award in the Social Responsibility category.
A foodie, Snigdha is particularly fond of baking and making chocolates. She has her own food blog, Gourmet ka Tadka, combining recipes with fun-filled food experiences.

My Journey at SVP

When I was first approached for this role with SVP, I faced elements of self-doubt. I had no formal education in the social sector. Considering a career in philanthropy is not very common after a degree in Management. SVP was a worldwide organisation, but the Kolkata chapter was brand new. I wondered if I could manage. However, within a short time, I felt like I very much belonged. Measuring social returns now, as against RoI earlier, has shown me two ends of the continuum.
Initially, I often heard that the scale of what SVP is trying to achieve is ‘not big enough.’ This observation left me thinking – isn’t it motivating enough to know that a single family is going to be able to lead a better life because of the livelihoods program? I soon realised that while most programs start small, it is up to us to see how we can scale them and multiply their benefits. With this belief, I am ready to take bigger and bolder steps for the Kolkata chapter with the guidance and support of the partners.
SVP India’s committed team motivates me. A partner from the Bangalore chapter once said that we should not be under the misapprehension that we are ‘giving back’ by being philanthropic. We are actually ‘receiving’ an immeasurable amount. One of the perks of this job is meeting people who have achieved so much against all odds. Every such meeting is a source of inspiration and something that I cherish.
Working with SVP has been a beautiful inner journey. I have been enormously inspired by the good work that so many people are doing. I have become more empathetic and feel good about what I am trying to achieve.

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