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Sashi Rajamani

Chapter Chairperson

About the partner

Sashi Rajamani as one of the founding members of SVP Bengaluru has served as GC & GRC Chair, CMC member, Strategic External Partnerships & Funding Committee Member, and a Lead Partner. She has engaged with various SVP investess specialising across verticals in different capacities. In the last 10 years she has worked with Hand in Hand, TIDE, Sahaja Organics, India Rising Trust, Samarthanam Trust for Disabled, Mitti, Youth4Jobs, ATREE, ACCORD, Vihaan and Project Tarasha.
As a managing trustee of Konrai Foundation she has deeper engagement in the education and disability vertical and works with more than 20 NGOs in her personal capacity. She also manages Sarani, a platform for promoting performing arts in the Greater Whitefield area.
Sashi has two decades of experience working for Corporates (Wipro, TCS, CSC and Altimetric) in business enablement, business development and global delivery roles. As a COO for VMEF she developed a digital platform for SHG operations and strategy for holistic development of villages.
She also worked on bringing Da Vinci Robotic Technologies to leading hospitals in India and created a cloud platform for surgeons across the globe to share their techniques and best practices and provide real time assistance during surgery.

My Journey at SVP


SVP has been a gateway to meet and collaborate with dreamers, leaders, aspirants and change makers who are striving everyday to make the community they live in and the world a better place. My experience with investee organizations has made me appreciate the complexity in solving real world problems around me.

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