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Sapna Kusumgar

Grants Review Committee Member

About the partner

Sapna is a Director at Kusumgar Corporates Pvt. Ltd, leading the process excellence function. She is parent to her adorable kids, Sia, age 16 and Sanay, age 13. She is passionate about quantum physics and is currently also interested in behavioural science as applied to management. She is a nature lover and enjoys outdoor adventure activities.

My Journey at SVP

“My quest for doing meaningful social service led me to SVP. Through the experience of being a Lead Partner at NGO Yuva Parivartan, I learnt the hard facts of the less privileged ecosystem and it is immensely satisfying personally to see the firsthand impact of my contribution. All the work being done by SVP as an organisation and the partners individually motivates me and teaches me constantly that there is so much we can do and thereby also evolves me as a human being. SVP offers so many opportunities to contribute and I enjoy working with fellow partners, whose passion for social causes is inspiring. Lately, what is exciting are the collaboration opportunities between our NGOs and how making this possible will help multiply the impact.”

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Start your SVP journey today