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Rati Forbes

All India Board of Directors

About the partner

Rati is a Director of Forbes Marshall and heads the foundation arm of the company. She also serves as an Independent Director on company boards and also on the board of some Foundations.
She loves spending time with immediate family and close friends, singing with her choir and travelling. Rati is fascinated by new insights and learning opportunities and is currently taking a course to understand more about Van Gogh’s art. Rati is an eternal optimist and a huge believer in the power of positive thought and faith.

My Journey at SVP

“Being a part of SVP has been very enjoyable and taught me a lot – I have learned much by listening to and understanding the needs of the NGOs we work with; I have made new like-minded friends, who share my passion for “giving back to society.” SVP has also helped me contribute my time and competence in more thoughtful ways. Finally, I would urge partners to pick up a role (as part of a committee, or as a Lead Partner) in your chapter – it’s really a wonderful overall experience – and gets you to understand the ethos and spirit of SVP – as well as helps you make the most of the SVP experience.”

Start your SVP journey today

Start your SVP journey today