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Rachel Wawn Kurien


About the partner

Rachel is a trained reflexologist who is planning to teach it as a livelihood and raise the profile of Reflexology as a complementary therapy. She is a follower of the holistic, transformational space and has worked in the non-profit sector in many guises for 20 years. Her Family Trust focuses on water, education & livelihoods.

My Journey at SVP

“I’m really enjoying being part of this philanthropic family where I have learnt so much from my fellow members, presentations, the NGO Partners and all that we are exposed to as part of a large network. I have been pushed and challenged in my philanthropic journey. Being a Lead Partner for 3+ years for NGO Srujna has been a challenging & rewarding role in which I’ve learnt so much from my fellow Lead Partners, as well as the NGO Partner and their communities. I am hugely grateful to all of the SVP family.”

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