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Priya Hajela

Grants Committee Member

About the partner

Priya Hajela is a fiction writer living in Pune with her husband and two dogs. Her two children are 19 and 24 and are studying in the US. Writing is a second career for her. Priya graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Vermont in 2017. Prior to taking to writing, she worked in a variety of telecom and IT organizations in senior marketing and business development roles.

One of her short stories, An Affair, has been published in an online journal called Indian Ruminations. A second short story, The Tattoo Artist, was recently published in Live Encounters. Her first novel, Ladies Tailor, has been accepted for publication by Harper Collins India.

My Journey at SVP

I joined SVP earlier this year, in the thick of Covid. During the second wave, my husband and I, eager to do something to help, began an initiative we called VaxAll. The purpose was to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible to help stave off severe symptoms of Covid and to possibly avoid a third wave. This initiative is what got us thinking more about philanthropy and giving. Joining SVP is our opportunity to both learn about giving and to give – both financially and of our experience.
Learning about organizations that have a social context, the perseverance and grit of their founders and the means and methods they have used to make a difference are a terrific learning experience for me.
SVP’s focus on both teaching and learning from such entities is refreshing and humbling. Most of all, I truly appreciate SVP’s mission of awakening the philanthropist in all of us.

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Start your SVP journey today