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Priya Goradia

Lead Partner


About the partner

Priya is a communications enthusiast with fourteen years of work experience in Human Resources & Training. She enjoys music & kitchen gardening.

My Journey at SVP

“SVP offered the right platform for me to follow through on my constant intent of “giving back.” The joy of not only financially supporting a group of people but also being able to be a part of their lives, challenges & accomplishments has been enriching. The association with SVP reminded me of the talents I bring to the table that I had forgotten about or didn’t know I had, because I got a chance to bring out the best in myself for an absolutely altruistic reason. This is a beautiful example of how we actually learn much more about ourselves when we commit to helping others. I thought of myself as a terrible salesperson until I raised substantial money as a Lead Partner for my NGO Kshamata. It’s been a rewarding journey.”

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Start your SVP journey today


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