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Prachi Mishra

Program Manager

About the partner

Prachi brings with her over 9 years of rich and diverse experience in the development sector, focusing on various segments including children, tribal communities, youth with disabilities, and the elderly. Hailing from the picturesque state of Odisha, she holds both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Rural Development from TISS, a prestigious institution.

Prachi has been a driving force in collaborating with organizations to establish efficient processes and optimize program delivery. Her notable contributions include her tenure with renowned organizations such as SOS Children’s Villages, Youth4jobs, and her involvement in the groundbreaking project Elderline -14567. This project, dedicated to the nation by the Vice President of India in October 2020, is now operational in 31 states and Union Territories.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Prachi is deeply passionate about traditional art forms, such as Warli and Patachitra, which hail from the tribal heartlands of Maharashtra and her home state, Odisha. These artistic expressions serve as a wellspring of inspiration, igniting her creativity and driving her to explore new horizons.

She believes inclusion can create extremely beautiful value system in our family as well as in the workplace.

My Journey at SVP

I have always harbored a deep-seated passion for the Development Sector, dedicating my efforts to various projects and nonprofit organizations on the grassroots level. However, my vision stretched far beyond the confines of singular initiatives, yearning for a sphere where impact could be magnified, and the scale of work for the development sector could be substantial.

When I first learned about SVP and its mission, a profound resonance stirred within me. I recognized that this endeavor was closely aligned with my core values and aspirations, prompting me to eagerly join this transformative movement. My journey with SVP has proven to be an enlightening one, grounding me in the intricacies of diverse sectoral work while broadening my perspective to encompass the entirety of the developmental landscape.

What truly stands out in this journey is witnessing the remarkable growth of small nonprofit organizations. It is awe-inspiring to witness how SVP’s model nurtures these partners, fostering their development and ultimately multiplying their impact on the ground. The sheer fascination lies in observing how these partners wholeheartedly engage with nonprofits, dedicating their time and expertise to ensure the success and growth of each project.

In this journey, I have found not only a profound sense of purpose but also an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world.

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