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Piyush Chawla


Srujna Charitable Trust

About the partner

Piyush was the CEO of Vikas Publishing, an educational book publishing venture, for 15 years. He grew the company 10 times before selling it. He is an investor now, investing in start-ups and the public markets.

He is a Wharton alumnus, has played Tennis at the National level, and is a big believer in rolling up his sleeves and deep diving into a problem to get a greater insight into the issues.

Inspired by the philosophy of the SVP of engaged philanthropy, he is excited about making a difference by partnering with NGOs to achieve scale.

My Journey at SVP

Working as a Lead Partner with SVP continues to be a very enriching journey. Not only has it sensitised me with the ground realities faced by a large section of our population but also provided a platform to work closely with some of the brightest NGOs and other Lead Partners, all doing exemplary work to support the underprivileged.

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