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Parul Vaidya


About the partner

Parul has a Master’s in Communication from the University of Pune. She began her career in the communications department of DigviWarner. She designed internal and external communication material, along with planning and executing marketing events.
With a few years of corporate communication experience, she moved on to manage multiple clients at Perfect Relations, an image management and communication firm. As a Public Relations Specialist, she designed and managed marketing campaigns, starting from identification of a story idea through to publication. Her strong local media connect enabled her to generate media coverage for clients from diverse sectors.
Broadening her role, Parul moved to Zensar Technologies as part of the Corporate Innovation Group. Her functional role included internal communication, branding, advertising, public relations and media. She took on the additional responsibility of CSR through the Zensar Foundation. In this role, Parul worked hands-on with communities to implement projects and liaised with local government authorities for permissions and support.

My Journey at SVP

I got my first real taste of the social sector when I took on the additional responsibility of CSR at Zensar Technologies. To date, as I work with non-profits and walk the tiny bylanes of urban slums, I am reminded of how privileged I am and that I have to use my privilege to work for those who are less fortunate.
There are many people who wish to contribute to society but are often deterred by self-doubt: how will I do it, working in the community is not my expertise, I have never done this before, do I have the time to do this and my job? SVP helps overcome these barriers and makes you realise that even if you can’t do all of the above, there are ways to use your expertise to help in some form or the other.
SVP truly is a bridge between the corporate and the non-profit sector. It brings people from diverse backgrounds onto the same platform, where each one works towards creating opportunities for all. While it gives an opportunity to many, it also ensures that there is commitment from both ends of the spectrum – the partners/donors at SVP and the Investees they support.
At SVP I’m constantly learning. Partners have so much knowledge and experience to share. The Investees inspire me with their purpose and the community has their difficult life stories to share. Each one teaches me something new. It makes me realise I have a huge role to play and am responsible for a number of things, and so are my counter parts. It is this trust that everyone in the organization has for one another that I really appreciate, and feel is very rare to find.

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