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Padmashree Balaram

Partner Engagement Committee Member

About the partner

Padmashree is a biochemist who has taught chemistry for about 20 years. She is committed to reducing carbon emissions and has taken part in many successful climate action initiatives in Bangalore. Her children are settled and that gives her time and space to do what she enjoys. Her husband Vibhav is a software entrepreneur and they both love travelling.

Padmashree is also an NGO Engagement Committee Member at SVP India

My Journey at SVP

“For a completely non-corporate person, I was a bit daunted to be around people who have spent years in boardrooms. This turned out to be an amazing experience for me. Learning new tech skills, making ppts, articulating my ideas and working in a team made me confident. The SVP team in Bangalore has been very encouraging and empowering. Sensing my passion in waste management, the Bangalore chapter decided to make this a new focus. Swacha Belaku couldn’t have happened in any other set up.”

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