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Neelkant & Lipsa Rawal


Neel is an award-winning Digital TransformationLeader and Thought Leader, specialising in driving innovation and transformation in the banking industry as CDO/CIO.
Neel is a regular speaker on forums showcasing digital products,platforms, and customer experience. He is a member of innovation roundtables in financial services and has authored articles on digital strategy and transformation.

Lipsa, with a Master’s degree in Commerce, actively engages in various philanthropic endeavours. Lipsa is also an entrepreneur, co-operating the brand Brown Batua with her sister in Gujarat, specialising in artisanal macrame art.
As an accomplished international dance performer, Lipsa has won numerous international championships with her group, including a memorable performance at the Welcome Narendra Modi event in Singapore.
She enjoys travelling, cooking international cuisine, and embracing a healthy lifestyle, all while cherishing the company of her furry companion, Mikey.

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