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Narendra Paruchuri


About the partner

Narendra, an engineer is the CEO and MD of award-winning printing company Pragati Offset Pvt., which produces books, catalogs, marketing collateral, and also packaging printing.
Narendra’s sons Harsha, an expert in color management and a graduate of Rochester University, and Hemanth, a mechanical engineer from Purdue University, work with him.
Harsha is married to Sruthi. They have two kids – Samhitha, age 15, and Pranav, age 13. Hemanth is married to Bhargavi. She is a postgraduate in Finance from Oxford University. They have one son, Rishi, who is 2 years old. Narendra’s wife, Dr. Kola Sasikala, is a gynecologist and laparoscopic surgeon.

Narendra served as the Co-Chair of the Hyderabad Chapter of SVP India from 2020 – 2022. He is also a member of the chapter management committee at SVP.

My Journey at SVP

“We are thankful for the bounty the Lord has given us and we have been trying to do our bit from the last 25 years. We set up Pragati Public charitable trust. My wife sees patients – women and children – in our village, about 20-25 kilometres from Hyderabad. We have 25,000 registered patients who we provide free checkups and free medicine. If operation is necessary, it will be subsidized by the Trust. We also support many students and donate all the necessary things every month to a blind students hostel.
So when Ajit asked me to join SVP, I took it as an extension of what I am doing.
I am not as adept as Ajit or Ram in knowledge or being a lead partner, as I am a brick and mortar guy. But at heart, I would like to make a difference.”

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