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Murli Jayaraman

Grants Review Committee Member

About the partner

V Jayaraman is the youngest CA in India having passed at the age of 17 ½, in active practice as a CA for nearly half a century, associated with several social organisations and schools in an advisory capacity as well as the statutory auditor and well-wisher.

He has a vast experience dealing with finance, administration, and strategizing. He has successfully completely reversed his diabetes over 8 years ago, he is actively involved in helping others to reverse their diabetes. Recently he has taken up contributing to the needy and underprivileged to help make the world a better place to live in.

My Journey at SVP

Partner Since 2022

I was introduced to SVP in the second week of March 2022, and it has been a tumultuous journey since then. Being exposed to so many luminaries in the field of giving I have been simply drowned in the richness of their ethos and am still imbibing and realizing the enormity of the potential it holds to making a better me. I refrain from naming the individuals in SVP only because so many of them have contributed and are continuing to contribute to the richness in my life in this very short span of 9 months. SVP has most definitely made substantial change in my thinking. It has made me aware of the macro version of the issues involved in the field of charity. It has made me aware that one has to create institutions that can create and sustain and infrastructure that can make changes at the grassroot levels in the very lives of the whole humanity involved. SVP has also awakened in me the consciousness that time is the essence of our moving forward with all our energies to contribute to a better universe because taking others along with us is very important to all of us. I am ever grateful to one and all who have helped me reach to the level that I am in today and am keenly looking forward to continuing the journey further.

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