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Mekin Maheshwari


About the partner

Mekin Maheshwari, is the founder of Udhyam Learning Foundation, a co-founder of Global Alliance For Mass Entrepreneurship (G.A.M.E) and Social Change at ACT Grants. His dream is to build a thriving and supportive ecosystem, where every individual fearlessly pursues their potential.
He previously worked at Flipkart, where he played various roles including Chief People Officer and President Engineering. Mekin started his career with Yahoo where he worked on Data research & predictive models.

My Journey at SVP


“My journey with SVP can be summarised as a journey of learning and joy. Being a member of its Bangalore Chapter since 2018, I am fortunate to have met and interacted with various SVP partner & NGO leaders who are passionate, committed and giving.
I attribute one such interaction at SVP with Ravi Venkatesan and Madan Padaki that lead us to founding ‘The Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (G.A.M.E)’ in 2018, to unlock ME’s potential and as a convening body that brings alignment within the ecosystem and mobilises action to address systemic challenges.
SVP Team is a group of sincere, caring, purpose and impact driven people. I would like to congratulate the group and am looking forward to an exciting journey ahead!”

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