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Mahesh Iyer and Radha Iyer

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Radha is a business analyst working for a company that makes trading software. She originally hails from Mumbai, and got her Post graduate degree in Commerce before working for companies such as e-Serve and UBS.
She enjoys playing many different sports, from badminton to squash to aerobics. She enjoys listening to music, and loves taking beach holidays.
Mahesh has spent the last 25 years in the healthcare industry, working with Pharma companies such as BI, BMS, Novartis and Pfizer to develop new drugs for patients. He has a Ph.D. in Statistics from the US, and has also spent 10 years working in the US before returning to India. His current interests include operationalizing AI/ML technologies for drug development.
Mahesh has varied interests, including photography (wildlife and astro), music (he plays 3-4 instruments), and cricket (he plays for league teams every weekend). He also teaches at multiple universities, and guides students. He has been a mentor for many startups, especially in the healthcare space, and for a brief time was heading an incubator/accelerator out of IIIT Hyderabad.
Radha and Mahesh have 2 lovely kids, Nishad (aged 11) and Naisha (aged 8).

Nov 2023

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