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Katyayani Balasubramanian

Chapter Management Committee Member

About the partner

Katya has been volunteering with the Poona Women’s council for the past several years, managing a school for special students. She also runs a private trust, Mudita, and is a partner at Aabracadabra – a company set up to promote the performing arts in Pune. Katya also enjoys writing and has been conducting various workshops for children over the years. She lives in Pune with her husband, Rohit Hegde, and their 2 teenage daughters, Kimaya & Amaara.

My Journey at SVP

Joined SVP in 2013

My association with SVP has been a great learning in many ways. While I was already somewhat familiar with basic working of NGOs, I feel I have gained from listening to many different perspectives within SVP, in finding solutions and working towards a common goal. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the learning series – and listening to the various invitees and their work. And the more recent collaboration across chapters for LPs.
It is definitely helping me widen my understanding of the non profit world.

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