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Jyoti Agarwal


Jyoti Agarwal hails from a prominent industrialist family in Pune and is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. For over 20 years, she has been delivering sustainable solutions that make a genuine difference to individuals and society. On the entrepreneurial front, Jyoti Agarwal is the Founder and Managing Director of Universal Floritech.

She has a passion for exotic flora and has been in touch with nature since childhood. She recognized an opportunity in the indigenous production of exotic flowers in India during her extensive travel, which was the genesis of Universal Floritech. Being a hands-on professional, she has worked closely with technologists and floriculturists toward her goal of making exotic creations of nature accessible to many here in India.

Jyoti Agarwal also has a strong spiritual side to her. This led her to start a Ved- Pathshala at Pirangut that teaches the Rig Veda to around 20 Rishikumars. Her clear ideology, in the businesses she runs and in the communities she supports, has always been to give back to society so that needs are responded to. An individual’s quality of life improves.

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