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Jayanth Murthy

Chapter Chairperson

About the partner

Jayanth has been a Kaizen and Operational Excellence student for the past 25 years. He co-founded the Kaizen Institute India and supported organizations to build and sustain a culture of Operational Excellence.
He believes that there is waste in every process, transaction, and across all organizations, and cutting waste is important to stay Lean and Agile in today’s context. He has been crucial in translating these values for the NGOs of Ahmedabad and making them lean.
He is a wonderful cook, and you will always be welcome to a brilliant barbeque while visiting him for dinner.

My Journey at SVP

Partner since 2019

SVP opened a new window in our lives; we found new ways to engage in meaningful philanthropy. Not to mention, we are meeting new people and ideas and getting to hear exciting SVP stories.

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