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Devina Salarpuria

Lead Partner

Literacy India

About the partner

Devina is the founder and creative director of the sustainable clothing brand, StudioModa India – a part of the Salarpuria group of companies. Born and educated in Chennai, she moved to Kolkata after her marriage. A design enthusiast and nature lover, she strives to be responsible and conscious in all her endeavours .
Devina is mother to twins Vidhika and Avyaan, 6 years old. She would like to inculcate the habit of giving in them from the very beginning.
Devina grew up with the belief that “the more you give, the more you get.”” She briefly taught at an underprivileged school in Kolkata, which was very humbling – she realised that we can never “give”” too much, that there are way too many people who need our help.

My Journey at SVP

“The SVP experience has been very enriching. There has been constant learning, be it from the driven NGO partners or from fellow SVP partners. What I like best is that it is a ideal balance of professionalism and heart, while giving me the flexibility of time.
Our SVP meetings, where we collectively brainstorm for a common cause and the NGO visits – which are eye openers – are events I really look forward to.
SVP is the right platform for someone who does not have the time to do something on their own but has the will to be involved in a social cause in a very professional environment. The amazing people you meet on the way are a bonus!”

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