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B S Shantharaju

Grants Review Committee Chair

About the partner

B S Shantharaju retired in 2016 after serving as CEO of a few large companies for 17 years. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Ramky Environ Engineers Ltd and also an advisor to CDPQ, one of Canada’s largest pension funds, for their infrastructure investment into India. He spends time on his family Trust which sponsors poor but meritorious students who would like to pursue Engineering or Medicine. Currently, there are 93 beneficiaries studying in well-known colleges in Karnataka and 12 have already graduated with very good jobs. He is an avid golfer. On the personal side, he is married to Sudha and they are parents to two sons who are well-settled.

My Journey at SVP

I have gained more from SVP than what I gave. I liked the intention and energy of many Partners who bring a huge intellectual depth. I enjoy interacting with them. Nudge Foundation was a very stimulating and impactful experience since it was in its nascent stage. My previous Lead Partner had done a great job in helping Nudge to take off… I could advise them on scaling up process with Team Building and Process Improvement. In my current role, sitting Grant and Grant Review Committee, I like the passion backed by good intention of our Lead Partners in nurturing and supporting some early-stage NGOs and some matured NGOs who could not scale up.

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Start your SVP journey today


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