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Ashok Kurien


About the partner

Ashok has been building brands for over 35 years. He is a Founder-Promoter/Director of ZeeTV, DishTV, and, and a Founder-Partner of Ambience Advertising and Hanmer&Partners PublicRelations.
He’s also a Director at LivinguardAG, the world’s first permanently disinfecting textile technology that delivers pure, bacteria/virus free water from the dirtiest, muddiest, contaminated water, without electricity. Ashok co-invented Saafkins – a reusable and easy-to-wash solution for the billion women who can’t afford sanitary napkins and use ‘rags’ -and Livinguard’s Coronavirus-destroying masks and gloves.

My Journey at SVP

“Although I have limited time to give to SVP, I have learned a lot through my wife Rachel.
I often listen in to meetings and calls and join in discussions with her when asked for my opinion.
Branding and marketing being my strength, I have previously offered my time in this area and continue to do so.
I’m reasonably updated on Srujna and SVP’s valuable role.”

Start your SVP journey today

Start your SVP journey today


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