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Sabyasachi Bhattacharya

Lead Partner

Calcutta Foundation

About the partner

Sabyasachi is a CXO Level HR & IT professional. His spouse is Dr. Mimi Bhattacharya (Professor) and his daughter, Upasana, will be 18 this year. He is an Executive and Life Coach with deep insights into Emotional Intelligence, which makes him an involved helper. He is also a keen golfer.

My Journey at SVP

“My association with SVP has just begun. However, even in this initial stage, I have already witnessed the passion and the dreams of all the NGOs which are supported by SVP. That gives me hope about the holistic wellbeing that SVP is creating for humankind.

I have just started as the mentor to an NGO and I’m also in the process of helping another in framing their policies. In this short tenure, I have already felt the power of the collective and the deeply rooted intentions of helping each other. The SVP platform, apart from helping, is providing knowledge, guidance and sharing information about good practices in several other NGOs.

I am also amazed by the enthusiasm shown by the SVP partners and the staff. The relentless work that the SVP staff members put in to keep the process moving is really commendable.”

Start your SVP journey today

Start your SVP journey today


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