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Rohinton Commissariat

Grants Review Committee Chair

About the partner

Rohinton recently retired after nearly 40 years in marketing, branding & communications at companies like Taj Hotels, Travelocity, Mercedes, Mahindra, Ceat & Godrej. He is a strong believer in systems & processes and loves teaching and mentoring. Rohinton is a voracious reader, rock music fan, occasional cook & driving aficionado. He’s the proud father to daughter Tushna who is an editor with PhysicsWorld, UK.

My Journey at SVP

“I joined SVP in mid 2019 wanting to understand the social sector and to give back a little and it has been most enriching so far. It has been humbling to see the dedication and selflessness the partner NGOs exhibit and it is good to see how they appreciate our support. A stronger emphasis on reinforcing managerial inputs should make for a closer alliance with them.”

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Start your SVP journey today


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