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Preeti and Ravi Khandelwal


About the partner

Ravi is a first-generation entrepreneur. He is currently pursuing what he always loved to do, being in the food manufacturing space. He is a master franchisee for a leading brand of finger food with multiple outlets in Hyderabad. Ravi is also involved in various social activities with the Rotary club of Hyderabad Deccan.

Ravi has two grown-up kids, one working for E&Y and the other studying computer science engineering in the US. He loves to travel and listen to music.

Preeti is a Company Secretary and takes care of the administration of their company with regard to compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Preeti and Ravi are passionate about contributing to education, women entrepreneurship and skill development.

In pursuit of their passion, they are also invested in a mid-sized advertising company and a startup for social impact.

My Journey at SVP

SVP Partners since 2017

“My purpose in joining SVP was to gain firsthand knowledge of how NGOs run and to be able to see how I can fit in, by offering my services to them directly or indirectly.
It has been three years. I have served in various capacities, and have been learning in the process. I have made lovely friends and found mentors within SVP. I am enjoying this journey!”

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