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Amit Gupta


About the partner

Amit is a recent crossover to the development sector and currently works at The/Nudge Institute as COO. Prior to this transition, Amit spent over two decades driving high-stakes changes in firms operating at the cutting edge of technology. He has recently moved from Gurgaon to Bangalore with his wife Swati. In his spare time, Amit likes to read and frequent pubs in Bangalore with old college friends.

Amit is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and the University of Texas, Austin. This is his first step into philanthropy and volunteering and he is keen to spend part of his time learning and supporting the social sector.

My Journey at SVP

Partner since 2022

I joined SVP about a year ago and this one year has been truly transformational for me. SVP helped me a lot in understanding the ecosystem and challenges in the sector. I met some very accomplished and talented people – both within SVP and in NGOs we work with. Small help I could provide to the NGOs we support has been very fulfilling. Last but not the least, SVP played a pivotal role in my decision to make a full time transition to the social sector.

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